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Hi there - Yes. You guessed it. I'm a voice over artist. But not just that! I am also a one man voiceover production team. Here you will be able to submit your text and direction and receive a fully mastered recorded voice, with music if you like. If you like the sound of that click on my demos and give my voice a listen.

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Piston Vault

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British RP




Deep and Authoritative. Sharp sophistication. Assured, upperclass, dare I say it, Posh. Its a voice to add quality and depth to hard work.


Crisp Studio Vocals 



A state of the art set up to make sure you come away with the package you need. Whether its a corporate promo, explainer video or your very own book.


"Michael helped us produce the perfect video to market our product. He was flexible, versatile, patient and effective. Genuinely an absolute pleasure to work with."

Cubik, London

"It has been a great pleasure working with Michael Edwards on our voiceover recordings. He has the approach of a consummate professional and is highly skilled at bringing the narration to life."

Prescript, Letchworth Garden City

"Michael did a wonderful job of voicing an evil clown character for our immersive dining experience. He was super professional to work with and nailed it in a few takes. His evil laugh still gives me chills!"

Gingerline, London

"Michael has a crisp Steinway-like voice, and is a very clever guy. He immediately picked up the concept and produced multiple versions of the voice over with various accents and emotional emphasis to help us decide the direction that was best suited for our video. A remarkable job executed in no time, without fuss."

Ex Machina, Athens

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My Big Mouth

I've always enjoyed the advantage of having a very resonant voice, much to the chagrin of my neighbours! To be heard was something I learned from an early age being the youngest in the family and from a boisterous, all boys, British boarding school education. Being somewhat keen to communicate I ventured into theatre and that led to a bachelors degree from Drama Centre London in the fine art of Acting.

To cut a long story short (if you want the longer version feel free to invite me for a drink!) I have spent the past 10 years perfecting my voice so I could use it in my professional life helping people like you.

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